At the Temecula Rod Run, the primary attraction are the cars which people have spent countless hours restoring and polishing so they look great. I enjoyed photographing the cars during this annual event, despite a lack of knowledge about cars or car photography. At the 2015 Rod Run, I was walking along Front street when I saw a local band, Wine Brew, playing a benefit show in front of an antiques store. When I arrived, they had just started and there were only a few people watching including a guy in a chair near the stage who seemed to be associated with the band. I approached him and asked if I could take some photos. He got up from his chair and told me to follow him to the stage, where he waved the lead singer over in the middle of a song and said "this guy is from Rolling Stone and he wants to photograph the band." I quickly corrected him, then walked behind the stage and did my best to look like I knew what I was doing. Over time, more people stopped to watch, listen and take photos. 
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